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Star Trek Enterpise D 6 foot Video added to the galery

To say that im proud of this project would be a huge understatement. This was a little dream come true. When i was a child i always wished to work on such big models and to have the chance filming them like they did in all the making of's i saw. That i will some day build the 1st and only replica of my most loved spaceship is something that i never thought would happen. But not only that, i took the chance to film it in a professional studio with my own build motorized camera rig. And now nearly 2 years later i finally had the time(and not enough, but much more skill) to finally finish everything up for a little Video.

1,5 Years of model build time, 2 weeks of filming and now 4 days of putting everything together. Even if its not perfect at all, i hope you enjoy it as much as i do.

PS: Thank you Dieter, Jo and Jörg for helping me doing this awesome piece of work!


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